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What can RWD do for you?
Whether you are a homeowner looking to add a meaningful piece to your home, an interior designer seeking that essential finishing element for your client, or a gallery owner looking to add something unique to your collection, Rohan can help. He prides himself on partnering with clients to keep them engaged and updated throughout the life of a piece. The client becomes an integral part of the creative process, from initial planning and design, to selecting the right woods, to finding the perfect finish, making this a true collaboration.
rohan ward designs - furniture design and woodworking ~ wood repurposing   Consultation and Design
You may already know the look you are trying to achieve, or simply be working from an inspiration. Rohan will meet with you to understand your tastes, design aesthetic, budget, and functional needs in order to create something original for your space. Preliminary sketches, 3-dimensional mock-ups and scale models are often used during this phase to help bring the design to life.

photo caption: Scale models of various designs.
rohan ward designs
RWD provides a comprehensive finishing service. Whether you have an unfinished new piece of furniture or a sentimental antique that needs a new lease of life, we refinish every type of surface using oil, wax, paint, lacquer and vanish to achieve the look you are after.

Often samples are provided to create an exact color and sheen match, or you can choose from a wide selection of samples we have in house, from high gloss polished veneer to painted colors and specialized antiqued finishes.

With years of finishing experience, paired with the artisan touch and patience needed in proper surface preparation for understanding stains, lacquers, paints and toning, we provide a supreme finish to any piece of furniture or surface.
  rohan ward designs - furniture design and woodworking ~ wood repurposing
rohan ward designs
rohan ward designs - furniture design and woodworking ~ wood repurposing   Restoration & Repurposing
RWD can help with any of your restoration needs, from re-caning old chairs to repairing broken tables or chairs, he will work to bring your piece back to its original condition.
A piece of wood has a complex and layered history, extending far beyond its growth rings. RWD is expertly skilled in maintaining the integrity of old pieces and transforming them into something beautiful, new and meaningful. Clients come to RWD with the hope of repurposing an older piece of furniture, sections of left over wood from an existing or previous home, or even a fallen tree from their garden, into something unique that holds nostalgia.

photo caption  
Rohan created a dining table from the original supporting pine beams from the client’s basement.
rohan ward designs
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