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Made from American Cherry, Mt.Vernon White Oak, Walnut. 
36” x 36” / Chicago 2014
Rohan Ward President's Table
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Rohan was asked to design and build a table for President Barack Obama to present to the President of France, Francoise Holland to commemorate his State Visit in February 2014. The table was designed to embody the two countries cultural ties using symbolism such as the handcrafted replica of the Key to the Bastille as the central display. The inlay design below the key is a symbol called Point Zero, which lies outside of the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris. The table was made from traditional American hardwoods including Cherry, Walnut, and Maple and incorporated wood from a fallen Oak on George Washington’s estate in Mount Vernon. The key was forged in Mount Vernon using reclaimed iron from the Statue of Liberty.
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Making of the The President’s Table ~ Film by Gabe Hatfield

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